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Enhancing Treatment with Fear Free Methods

With Companion Animal Hospital Mount Prospect’s commitment to Fear Free care, our goal is to help pets feel safe and loved while they’re with us. Find out how our team works to increase your pet's comfort level and makes it easier for them to get the care they need when they need it.

Owner pets dog: Fear Free Animal Hospital in Mount Prospect

How We Incorporate Fear Free into Our Practice

Our veterinarians and team members understand the value of providing Fear Free treatment and work together to make each visit a positive one. Some of the measures we take to alleviate anxiety and improve our standard of care include:

  • Using dog and cat pheromone sprays and diffusers throughout the hospital to aid in relaxation
  • Performing exams on pets where they feel most comfortable—this can include on their owner’s lap, on the floor, or in their carrier with the lid removed
  • Having treats on hand to keep pets happily distracted while receiving their vaccinations, nail trims, or other service
  • Handling your pet with extra care and gentleness and avoiding heavy restraint, which can increase their anxiety
  • Leading pets and their owners into exam rooms so they do not need to wait in the lobby
  • Offering medications or other solutions to reduce your pet’s stress
  • Keeping loud, abrupt noises to a minimum and using quiet music if necessary for a more calming effect

How You Can Prepare Your Pet for Their Visit

Dogs and cats require different preparation for their Fear Free visit. Click the boxes below for guides to Fear Free care and how we can work with you to make your pet feel safe.

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